Small, powerful and fast 6-axes robot.
  • Reliable – High production up time
    High MTBF, low maintenance requirements and short repair times.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Fastest robot of its class. The IRB 140T offers considerably reduced cycle-times thanks to top high access speed and acceleration combined with unique ABB motion control; QuickMove.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Outstanding position repeatability - ± 0,03mm.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    The combination of payload 6 kg and reach of 810 mm makes this robot the best in its class.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    Available as Standard, Foundry Plus, Clean Room ISO class 6, and Wash version. The whole mechanical arm is completely IP67 protected.
  • The ABB clean room robots are manufactured under special production procedures and thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. IRB 140 has been certified by IPA, leading institute in clean room industry.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    The standard IRB 140 can be floor or wall mounted at any angle, or suspended which allows for greater flexibility in arranging the layout of the production line. Uniquely extended radius of working area due to bend-back mechanism of upper arm, axis 1 rotation of 360 degrees and flexible mounting capabilities.

Pliant IRB 140 (742 Kb) [Download]