Marking and Product Identification Division

The Marking and Product Identification Division is the first of the divisions that have emerged in our company, being the first line of business with which we have entered the industrial market. Thanks to an effective partnership with Domino Printing, the business model has developed rapidly, being able to replicate and adapt to other equipment categories. Thus, the Marking and Product Identification Division addresses customers who need complex marking in the production process. The equipment provided and installed by MACH marks on any type of surface, at high speeds and in demanding environments. We can marke codes using the following  methods:
  • Inkjet marking
  • Marking with thermal ink
  • Laser
  • Marking with micro-percution
  • Marking by pressing
  • Roll marking
  • Thermal transfer marking

We can offer you automatic line equipment or semi-automatic equipment for smaller production. Complementarily, we support customer activity with advantageous service packages and supplies.

For a general view of our offer, please consult the brochure!