Service and Maintenance

The MACH Service Department provides you with a complete service and maintenance package designed to help clients with the aim of reducing operational costs and reducing the downtime. This package addresses to marking systems from Domino Printing and other MACH portfolio equipment. The experience and technical training of our maintenance team enables us to successfully solve any problems with the equipments. We also offer preventive, predictive and 24h / 24h support services - 0753.999.555.

Preventive maintenance consists of a maintenance action plan, aimed at preventing falls as well as defects in equipment. This is designed to ensure and maintain the proper functioning of the equipment by replacing the used components before their failure. Regular checks, partial or total revisions are required at specified intervals. Benefits: increased operating safety, low cost of replacement of equipment, reduction of dead time, optimized spare part inventory management, increased user / producer comfort.

This type of maintenance improves and increases productivity and product quality as well as the overall efficiency of manufacturing and production systems. It contributes to determining the condition of the equipment in operation in order to accurately predict the maintenance actions. This approach leads to significant cost reductions in relation to maintenance actions, this being done during the operation of the equipment, minimizing the disruption of normal operating systems.

Benefits of the Service and Consumables Package:
- Reduce downtime;
- Elimination of technical incidents and major equipment failures;
- Reduction of maintenance costs;
- Reduce unplanned maintenance costs;
- Reducing the stock of spare parts;
- Optimization of equipment performance;
- Reducing the number of non-compliant products;
- Increasing safety in equipment operation;
- Increase of equipment exploitation regime;
- Improving the technological performance of the equipment.