With a portfolio of over 150 inks, each has been specially formulated to offer proven performance in the Domino ink jet printer range.
Whatever the application, from hot and humid conditions to cold, damp or dusty environments, there is a tried and tested Domino fluid available.

Maximum performance and reliability
Domino inks have been specially formulated to maximise the performance and longevity of your Domino printer. Our fluids range is formulated and tested to ensure maximum printer reliability and uptime.

Wide range of applications
Domino inks can print onto an array of substrates including plastics, metal, paper, glass, porous cartons and directly onto food products. Available in a wide range of colours and for specialist applications, such as food-grade, UV-fluorescent, UV-cure and thermochromic, the ink range ensures that whatever the application there is a well engineered Domino ink to support it.

Unique in-house expertise
Domino's in-house team of chemists formulate and optimise each ink, and test each and every printer/ink combination, ensuring the highest levels of reliability, dependability and consistency. This in-house expertise enables Domino to offer extensive customer support.With this unique in-depth understanding of the inks' properties and performance capabilities, Domino is ideally placed to assist customers in identifying the right ink for particular requirements.

Continuous ink jet

The many diverse industry applications of continuous ink jet printing has led to the demand for a wide range of inks to meet these requirements.With more than 25 years experience in designing and building printers, we know how to maximise their performance with the development of the right fluids. The range of inks to support the continuous ink jet market consists of Advanced, Specialist and Custom inks.

The Advanced range is a series of general-purpose inks designed specifically for maximum performance with Domino A-Series printers.Advanced inks provide a range of different drying times through the utilization of a range of solvents. Whilst MEK is a widely used solvent, ethanol and acetone based inks are available for specific applications, such as low-taint applications.

Specialist inks have been developed with particular properties.These include a range of colours, such as the red food-grade ink used in egg-coding, UVfluorescent inks, and "steam-sterilisable" inks.

With continuous developments in industry, customer requirements change. Domino has a dedicated ink development team enabling us to work closely with our customers to develop custom inks meeting specific requirements. Examples include the development of a water washable ink for use in the internal tracking of car parts where the ink had to be removed from the parts before final paint spraying. The development team worked closely with the customer to develop an ink which met the precise requirements. Successful custom developments, such as an extra bright white ink, have become globally available in the Specialist inks range.

Outer Case Coding
Thanks to the range of inks available, the Domino C-Series range of outer case coding printers can print onto a range of porous substrates including corrugated outer cases, sacks and trays.The ink range includes oil, water and solvent based inks in red, blue, green and black.

Inks for commercial printing

High quality codes on porous substrates
Commercial Printing
The range of applications and technologies in the commercial printing industry means that an equally diverse range of fast-drying inks has been developed to meet these requirements.The ink range includes CMYK UV-cure inks, as well as oil and solvent inks which are available on request.The UV-cure range can be further extended with the availability of a colour matching service whereby Domino is able to offer ink formulations to customers. In response to recent VOC legislation, the ink range is being extended beyond the traditional MEK based inks to include acetone based and low-VOC inks.

All Domino products are optimised for safe handling and ease-of-use, and the fluids range is no exception. Clear labelling with assured legal compliance enables easy identification of the fluid type. All packaging is designed to ensure safety when transporting, storing and using Domino fluids. Safety Data Sheets and all fluids labelling are compliant with local legislation, including EU and US requirements.

Approvals and Certifications
Many industries require suppliers to comply with industry standards. Over the years Domino has obtained more than 100 such certificates and approvals, such as food-grade ink for egg-coding, as well as "Sony Green Partner Status".

Reliable Fluids Supply
Not only do Domino customers require reliable printers and inks, but also a consistent supply of fluids. Domino assures consistency of supply with two main manufacturing sites, in the UK and the USA, and further manufacturing facilities in Asia. The Domino commitment to quality is shown further with the UK and US plants certified to ISO 9001:2000 as well as ISO 14001:2004.