The IRB 460 is a compact palletizing robot perfect for end-of-line palletizing and bag palletizing applications. The 4-axis robot is the fastest of its kind and its small footprint makes it ideal for fitting into existing packing lines.

Main features
  • Shorter cycle times
  • High precision movements
  • Higher output from a smaller footprint
  • Low cost of ownership and increased productivity
  • Faster, easier programming
  • Unrivalled experience and global support
Complete palletizing solutions

By combining the IRB 460 high speed palletizer with the ABB FlexGripper - Claw and RobotStudio with Palletizing PowerPac you get the fastest robotic bag palletizing system in the world. With all elements working together path accuracy is optimized to ensure that your products will not only behandled very fast, but also with the utmost care. With an ABB robot solution palletizing will never be a bottle neck; either now or in the future.

Pliant IRB 460 (415 Kb) [Download]