ABB IRB 7600

A new world of possibilities opens up with ABB’ s new power robot family. It comes in five versions, 500 kg, 400 kg, 340 kg and 150 kg handling capacities. The IRB 7600 is ideal for weighty applications, regardless of industry. Typical areas can be handling of heavy fixtures, turning car bodies, lifting engines, handling heavy parts in foundries or forges, loading and unloading of machine cells, alter natively handling large and heavy pallet layers.

A safe investment - A major concern with robots handling payloads of up to 500 kg will be to safeguard your personnel in the unlikely event of an accident, as well as to protect the robot itself and your investment. We have therefore added a range of software products.

Service information - A built-in Service Information System monitors the motion and load of the machine and optimizes service requirements by itself.

Active safety features - Collision detection reduces the collision for ce substantially. An Electronically Stabilized Path will ensure that the robot will maintain its planned path to its best capability considering acceleration, drag, gravity and inertia. This feature is secured through our TrueMove. Active Brake System controls the braking while ensuring the robot maintains its path. To achieve optimized performance, the robot adapts to true payloads through its Self-Tuning Performance. This feature is based on QuickMove.

Passive safety features - These features include options like load identification, moveable mechanical stops and double-safe position switches.


Pliant ABB 7600 (725 Kb) [Download]