About industrial robots in the manufacturing processes


This article was published in the Techincal and Technology Magazine in 2014. Mach FTD saved and published the article because the information is still actual. 

T/T Since how many years has the company (strictly the robots department) been operating in the Romanian market?
Mach FTD’s robots department is performing on the Romanian market since 6 years ago. Meantime we have developed a various range of grippers ( 100% design and execution made by Mach). Through a long partnership with ABB, we have specialized in the implementation of integrated robotic solutions.

T/T Which is the best-sold type of robot on the Romanian market?
The products with the top sale are the handling and palletizing robots. Placing on a pallet of boxes, bags, bottles, or any other type of product, as well as packaging robotic systems in specially made boxes or trays is representing easy tasks, due they are performed by a robot.

T/T What are the most common applications on the Romanian market where do you have implemented your company's solutions?
The most common applications on the Romanian market are the complete solutions for handling, packaging and palletizing, these being the optimal solution that ensures the continuity and consistency of the production, at the highest quality and safety standards.

T/T What are the important technical conditions/ requirements to be fulfilled by the implementation customers?
One of the most important requirements is a complete and well-detailed specification establishing the desired solution. Among others, we can list:
- Shape, draft drawing, photos of products
- Product dimensions (for all types of products)
- Weight (for all types of products)
- Productivity (number of products/unit of time

T/T What are the key issues regarding the maintenance of industrial robots?
A robotic system requires minimal revisions to a big number of operating hours. We are recommending for successful maintenance of an articulated robot system, a 6-month inspection and a specific annual revision for robot, gripper and entire automation.

T/T What are the key features which are referred to in the periodic review ( warranty/ post guarantee)
The checking is concerning, mainly, the mechanical parts and the moving areas of the robot – the gripper is the most important part. The secondary checks are for the automation and electrical parts, including all related sensors.

T/T What are the vulnerabilities of the existing industrial robots?
If the solution is well designed, the industrial robot has no vulnerable parts, by having the ability to operate for years, if has periodic maintenance and checks.On the other hand, in the case of faulty maintenance, the vulnerable parts of a robotized solution could be the gripper which is used for the picking up or the product handling, as well as the system of the product transportation to the access area with robot and gripper, together with the components of the sensor- if they are not chosen properly, then the solution could have big issues.

T/T How evolved the turnover in recent years?
In the last 5 years, the turnover of our company has remained constant, over the threshold of 3 million euros. In 2014 we expect at least a growth of 25% above last year.

T/T How do you appreciate the evolution of this domain in Romania, for the coming years?
Certainly, the Romanian market is in continuous expansion and these robotic systems will become a must with the productivity increasing, as well as the compliance with all the European standards and the specific legislations for operators: ergonomics, safety in operation.