Label applicator ALline C

ALline C label applicator: the ideal solution for wrap around labelling

Benefit from performance and versatility with ALline C:

Fast and accurate wrap around labelling: Ideal for cylindrical products in various industries.

Adaptable performance: Speed from 80 to 300 products per minute, dedicated configurations for specific needs.

Easy integration: Fits ALstep and ALritma label applicators.

Product conveying flexibility: Various types of conveyors and spacers.

Perfect label fit: Dedicated wraparound units for different types of application.

Customised solutions: Specific configurations for partial/full, in-phase, seal labelling, etc.

Intuitive and precise adjustment: Save parameters for quick setup.

Compatibility with various printers: Print text, expiry dates, barcodes.

Why choose the ALline C label applicator?

Increased efficiency: Increases productivity and reduces labelling costs.

Outstanding versatility: Adapts to a wide range of labelling needs.

Impeccable accuracy: Ensures perfect label application.

Ease of use: Intuitive interface and simple set-up.

Durability and reliability: Robust construction for long-lasting operation.

ALline C is more than just a label applicator - it's a complete solution that can transform your labelling operations.

Contact us to learn more about ALline C and discover how it can help you significantly improve your labeling process!

Pliant AlLine C (3,245 Kb) [Download]

aplicator de etichete ALline C

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