ALline Special label applicator

ALline Special label applicator - customised labelling

Benefit from flexibility and precision with ALline Special:

Tailored solutions: customised configuration for specific labelling requirements.

Multiple labelling: Simultaneous application of labels in different positions on the product.

Increased security: Efficient labelling of tamper-proof seals in the corner.

High productivity: Fast labelling of fast moving cylindrical products.

Outstanding versatility: Oversized unwind units and NON-STOP configurations.

Ease of use: Fast and intuitive microprocessor-assisted format changes.

Why choose the ALline Special label applicator?

Customisation: The ideal solution for complex and specific labelling.

Impeccable accuracy: Ensures accurate label application, regardless of position.

Increased efficiency: Increases productivity and reduces labelling costs.

Top reliability: Robust construction and quality components for long-lasting operation.

Adaptability: Fits your specific production needs perfectly.

ALline Special is more than just a label applicator - it's a reliable partner to optimise your labelling process.

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Pliant AlLline (3,245 Kb) [Download]

Aplicator de etichete ALline Special

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