Horizontal / Vertical Wrapping Machine Crima



CRIMA was the first packaging machine and bagger with a patented packaging system by Lorapack (it can work in a horizontal, inclined and vertical position). It is sought after by customers worldwide in different fields as bakery, fruit and vegetables, butcher and mechanics.

CRIMA can reach up to 33 strokes per minute (depending on the size of the product to be packaged and the type of film used).
In addition, CRIMA and CRIMA FAST have a longitudinal unit of three pairs of sealing wheels: this unit enables packaging with thicker film, in a modified atmosphere with laminated film (insertion of gas or alcohol in the bags to avoid mould formation, eliminating oxygen and increasing product life).
The roll holder is a bridge structure, with 700 mm maximum standard roll width, 250 mm maximum external roll diameter.
The touch screen control panel is included in the packaging machine.

    Key features:   

Film reel

700 mm

Jaw’s width

350 mm

Height sealing cut unit

170 mm

Minimum size of product

10 x 10 x 10 mm (HxLxW)

Maximum size of product

180 x ∞ x 300 (HxLxW)

Reference between HxLxW

2H+2W+40 mm = 700 mm max.


L=200, 33 ppm

Machine sizes

L: 1200 mm 
W: 750 mm 
H: 1700 mm

Machine weight

KG 450

Electric powwer supply

220 V – 50/60 HZ

Installed power

KW 3


Brosura Crima - masina de ambalat orizontal / vertical Flow pack (1,473 Kb) [Download]

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