Automatic handle applicators Smipack HA

The HA automatic handle applicators can apply handles on shrink film packs, cardboard cases, briks, paper rolls or any type of rigid packs. The HA series can apply different types of handles, joined to a transparent adhesive tape and made from: 
  • precut cardboard labels
  • pre-handled adhesive tape reels
  • paper and polypropylene handles on reel
At the moment, 4 models are available, differing in their speed: HA 25, HA 40, HA 60, HA 80. They grant, respectively, outputs of 25, 40, 60, 80 packs per minute -PPM-, considering the pack dimensions. All HA models can be configured to be placed in lines with single or double lane.

Benefits of the proposed technical solution:
  • The handles can be applied to any type of packaging matrix having a number of products such as: 2x2, 4x2, 4x3, 6x2, etc. on the width. In addition, the products can be passed through these devices without applying the handles.
  • HA series machines can apply three types of handles, along with a transparent adhesive tape:
- pre-printed cardboard labels;
- polypropylene labels in the roll;
- kraft paper labels from the roll.

  • All HA equipments can be configured to integrate on power lines from a conveyor or 2 conveyors to maximize productivity.

Technical specifications:

  • Stainless steel and sliding doors with transparent lexan panels;
  • Maintenance-free bearings;
  • Feeding conveyor with rubber coating and thermoplastic chain with high friction coefficient (optional)
  • Central storage unit for label cardboard handles with a capacity of 2000 / 5000pcs., located on the top of the equipment;
  • Roller cariage support with pneumatic lock and automatic tensioning of the adhesive tape;
  • Rolling of adhesive tape driven by a motor with inverter and encoder;
  • Apply and cut the pneumatically controlled handle;
  • Flextron control system equipped with microprocessor and LCD multilanguage alphanumeric display.

Pliant Smipack HA (1,142 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

Hrimiuc Iulian,
Packaging Manager
+40 753 010 742