Applications and Benefits of Conveyor Systems


In a competitive market, within a challenging economic environment, producers, distributors, and companies providing logistic services resort to solutions aimed at streamlining internal processes and optimizing costs.

Available in a multitude of variations, from the simplest to the most complex – with belts, rollers, chains, for pallets – conveyor systems are nearly invisible elements within supply chains, yet they visibly contribute to their productivity and efficiency enhancement.

However, how should one choose a conveyor system, what characteristics should it have, what are its advantages, and to what extent are companies in Romania prepared for the adoption of fully automated systems?

"To create an 'ideal' system for transportation and sorting, the beneficiary must consider certain technical and commercial features that are necessary in discussions with the solution provider. These features include the nominal and maximum capacity of the chosen technical solution, equipment flexibility, upgrade possibilities, included sorting and diverting systems, and the conveyor drive mechanism," states Robert Dumitru, responsible for conveyor system sales at Mach FTD, a partner company in the Romanian market for brands like Flexlink and Soco System.

Applications and Benefits of Conveyor Systems

"Before making a decision regarding the purchase of a conveyor system, the beneficiary has the obligation to ensure that their partner has the capability to execute the proposed solution," says Robert Dumitru, responsible for conveyor system sales at Mach FTD. He emphasizes the supplier's ability to provide maintenance through a timely supply of spare parts to avoid potential production interruptions, the capacity for urgent interventions, and the level of human resources capable of executing such projects. Additionally, the presence of a dedicated design and project development department is essential.

"The systems offered by Mach FTD are already implemented within renowned companies that have chosen us as partners for their fully automated solutions. EMAG and Fashion Days have opted for our integrated solutions, and these systems have brought extraordinary benefits by significantly increasing productivity," adds Robert Dumitru.