Machine designed for the external washing of filled and capped containers to remove possible residues of product (oil, brine, etc.) from the external surface.

The first section, equipped with nozzles fed by a high-pressure pump, is the washing one
Nozzles throw hot water jets on the entire container external surface to eliminate any possible residue of oil, brine, etc
The second section, equipped with nozzles too, but fed by net water, provides the rinsing.
Basement operating as container for washing hot water and collection tank for rinsing water, conveyor in stainless steel equipped with variable speed motor and containment guides adjustable for the different sizes of containers.
Washing section composed of a tank equipped with water heating device, overflow, high-pressure pump with aspiration filter and force main to the nozzle manifold.
Rinsing system by net water sprinkled through manifold and nozzles.
Protection tunnel composed of a stainless steel case to prevent water overflow from the washing and rinsing sections.
Electric control board in stainless steel.
Manufacturing in AISI 304 stainless steel, except for some parts which are in a different material suitable for their functioning.
The machine is adjustable to treat different sizes of containers.
After the start-up and the relevant adjustments the machine does not need any operator assistance.
Washers of the range SS are available in the following models:

Mod. 2000SS - output capacity 8.000 containers/h approx. of 314 ml Ø 67 mm

Mod. 3000SS - output capacity 12.000 containers/h approx. of 314 ml Ø 67 mm

Mod. 4000SS - output capacity 16.000 containers/h approx. of 314 ml Ø 67 mm
Technical Data
Output capacity: kW approx. 2,60 (mod.2000SS) or 3,6 (mod.3.000SS) or 6 (mod.4000SS)
Lenth: mm 2.000 (mod.2000SS) or 3.000 (mod.3.000SS) or 4.000 (mod.4000SS)
850 mm (all models)

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