Automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table for the stabilisation of palletised loads.

The Rotoplat 3000 HD wrapping machine is characterised by low installation time, compact overall dimensions for transport and high production capacity and long operating time make it the ideal solution for those who require an efficient and reliable line end, with low investment costs.

Types of wrapping machines:

Înfoliere automată palețiRotoplat 3000 HD

Types of stretch film devices:

    • PGSM - Pre-stretch carriage with single motorisation, which allows the stretch film to be pulled at fixed values up to 340%.
    • PGSA - Pre-stretch carriage with double independent motorisation, which allows to pre-stretch the film from the control panel, with a 150% -400% range and control system through inverter.
    Rotoplat 3000 HD
Min-max pallet dimensions mm 600x800 - 1000x1200
Min-max front leading mm 800 - 1000 
Min-max pallet height mm 500 - 2000 
Max pallet weight  kg 2000 
Table height  mm 500 
Output capacity p/h 50 / 35 cu aplicare capac 
Table Speed  m/min 17 
Pre-stretch carriage   PGSM sau PGSA 
Pre-stretch ratio   fix 0-340% sau 150-400% 
Power supply voltage 380 - 400 - 415 ± 5% 
Frequency Hz  50 
Air pressure bar 6
Reel height mm 500 - 750 (OPTIONAL)
Max reel diameter mm  250 
Film thickness μm   17 - 30
TOP Film thickness μm   40 - 100

Device for clamping, cutting and sealing the film:

Înfoliere paleți - lipire folie Înfoliere paleți - lipire folie înfoliere paleți - lipire folie
Standard pincers clamp with hot wire film cutting System to obtain perfect sealing of the stretch film Which occurs without contact with the product


Placa preseare Aplicare capac la palet Ropping Masă cu lanț
Vertical pressure platen Top cover Roping device Table with chains


Rotoplat 3000 HD (3,360 Kb) [Download]

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