Automation and Robotics Division

The Robotics and Automation Division offers customers complete solutions for automation and integration of robots (from the survey of the location, the realization of the project model to the implementation of the solution). Our range of solutions includes packaging applications, palletizing, assembly and assembly, machine tool service, contour adhesive application, etc. In order to ensure the quality of the solutions, Mach's offer also includes technical support - remote and on location -, spare parts, both during the warranty and post warranty, design and execution of customized components and subassemblies, such as grippers, pallet warehouses, conveyors, etc.

We install and integrate robots, along with industrial systems and equipment such as pick & place, palletizing and packaging. The applications with industrial robots, made by Mach are turnkey. Thus, we offer personalized grippers for production requirements, conveyors to serve robots, pallet warehouses, palletizing stations.

The industries in which we have the most solid expertise (but without limiting ourselves) are: food, beverages, automotive, construction, chemistry, cables, cosmetics, wood, plastics, textiles, printing, tobacco.