Automator Fybra 22W / 33W / 54W

FYBRA generates a high power laser beam from the source to the head via a flexible fiber cable. The innovative main block and the head are designed and optimized to work in a heavy duty work environment, where vibrations, disturbance and dust are very common. FYBRA is an extremely comfortable modular system: the main box sets the source and the board with the electronic parts in two different separated areas. The galvanometers are set with the lenses in the head block.
The laser fiber allows a considerable increase of the power, without compromising the size of the laser spot. This pledges a better marking result at higher powers and a better efficiency of the system. Fybra is based on two different Softwares: NanoSoftware (Standard) and Genius.

Automator Fybra (3,127 Kb) [Download]