Automator Regina

Regina is the newest laser system which was projected and developed for medium rate productions and for medium sized dimension objects. It is the most compact and reliable solution, sold and elegant for customers that need efficiency and precision in marking. The compact shape and the limited dimensions of Regina laser are very attractive.

Main characteristics of model Regina

  • this model can contain YVO4 , CO2 or Green laser source
  • in standard model there is vertical Z axis with 400 mm stroke included
  • loading area: 400 x 400 mm
  • maximum height of marked object 250 mm
  • large inspection window from special safety glass
  • model classified for use in Safety class 1 of laser operation
  • easy access to electric and connection panel from rear of the machine

Possible sources and powers:
YVO4: 5W – 10W – 20W – 30W
CO2: 10W
Green: 3W - 6W