Automator Superior

SUPERIOR model is the laser designed both for high rate productions and big pieces to be marked. The laser is an excellent sytem with superior results, through the mature engineering and design evolution of the producer: reliable, safe in security, compact, elegant in its design.

Main characteristics of SUPERIOR

  • suitable to be a cover for YVOand CO2 laser source
  • the stroke of vertical Z axis is 400 mm and allow to mark parts of various shapes and sizes
  • movement along axes X and Y in range of 300 mm allow to mark objects on pallets with different number of columns and rows
  • rotary table is available with 2 or 4 positions, diameter 800 mm
  • rotary axis (Theta) is suitable for marking of cylindrical parts
  • loading area is 800 x 800 mm
  • ergonomic console for more comfortable operation, includes adjustable arm, screen, and other PC equipment
  • general electric panel is available form the back side of the laser
  • easy and quick maintenance
  • Security Class 1

Available sources and powers: 
YVO4: 5W - 10W - 20W - 30W
CO2: 10W - 25W - 50W - 100W

Autotamtor Superior (6,070 Kb) [Download]