Digital printing-printers, advantages, application

For 20 years, Mach Company has specialized in industrial technical solutions, being among the first companies to offer state-of-the-art industrial equipment on the Romanian market for marking and inscription on any surface.

We specialize in solutions for marking variable information and graphics on various products: labels, tickets, envelopes, brochures, text, numbers, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, images, etc. We have expertise and experience in designing and implementing complex applications, based on the specific needs of each client.

Domino equipment enables variable information printing, including printing addresses on the interior and exterior, personalization, numbering, postal barcodes, and real-time production statistics. These are under user control until the end of the process.

The flexibility offered by Domino equipment, acquired through years of collaboration with important OEMs in the industry, allows easy integration of systems into all types of production lines. With agreements already in place with key manufacturers, Domino provides complete solutions that meet specific requirements in this sector.

Key Advantages

The printing solutions offered by Domino have been specially developed to provide:

  • Selective, fast, and cost-efficient printing using the Editor GT controller and (software) management systems;
  • Operator interface based on a PC, easily adaptable for future expansions;
  • Real-time printing with Bitjet, K600i, and JetArray, with the ability to make modifications during marking;
  • Custom logos and demographically personalized letters for optimal response;
  • Easy integration of Domino equipment into binding, packaging, and finishing lines, thanks to the controller technology used.

Online Addressing
  • Personalization and online pre-addressing (simultaneous with production) eliminate the time wasted on a separate printing process;
  • Text printing in different positions – on the cover, inside the book, parallel to the spine, or perpendicular to it;
  • Reduction in preparation time and job changeover time;
  • Selective Inserts
  • Personalized inserts (reader information, advertisements, special offers) can be selectively introduced into the printed product or its packaging;
  • Flexibility in implementing demographic or geographic addressing.

Tickets, Labels, and Envelopes
  • Domino inscription systems offer complete solutions for marking applications on tickets, labels, and envelopes, as well as labelling applications. These integrate into existing production lines.
  • Domino solutions ensure flexibility, speed, density, and excellent quality, including for the Printing Industry and the Gambling Industry.

Key Applications


  • The security system is ensured by code verification through a camera or scanner;
  • Security application includes printing on envelope edges, UV marking on banknotes, and ticket numbering;
  • Invisible UV-visible inks and LED illumination;
  • Excellent ink quality (smudge-resistant).

  • Variable printing: each element can have a unique code to facilitate production control;
  • Print quality is in line with EAN13, EAN8, and UPC12/8 barcode applications;
  • Elements can be tracked by the controller using a scanner and camera;
  • Pantone colour calibration system for text and graphics, combined with the proprietary Domino Active Rasterisation system, maximizes the visual impact of the brand.

  • Inkjet-marked codes can be easily verified by a camera;
  • Message selection can be customized according to the code;
  • Variable printing technology identifies the series and production time;
  • Multiple algorithm sets can be generated to prevent counterfeiting in the Gambling Industry.