Domino Ink Vs. Domino Compatible Ink


Domino Ink Vs. Domino Compatible Ink

How safe is the ink you are using for your inscription equipment? Is it according to the safety laws and the rules for operators and the environment?

Domino UK is a manufacturer and developer of a wide range of inks for industrial inscription systems. These are in concordance with the Domino-produced equipment and are ensuring optimum performance. The right ink ensures the quality of the printed message, as well as the proper operation of the inkjet inscription system.

The inks are used for printing on various surfaces such as plastic, metal, paper, glass, cardboard, food foil, etc. The ink is trademarked and is produced accordingly to the specifications of the equipment manufactured by the company. Domino UK is investing continuously in research and there are testing and validation procedures in the company for ensuring the compatibility of the consumables with operator and environmental safety laws and regulations.

Among these safety rules, we mention the fact that the ink has passed successfully the airline safety tests, as well as approval for the authenticity of the London Consumer Protection regarding the marking on food foil.

Domino has a portfolio of more than 150 inks with different properties: inks for generating fluorescent codes, UV-visible, inks for marking on eggs, on returnable bottles, opaque yellow ink for various inscription codes, alkali-soluble, UV-resistant, thermochromic, etc.

The company is providing the right solution for inscription, whatever the application type, from high temperature and humidity conditions to heavy industrial conditions with dust and low temperatures. Domino's Inks has accreditation for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The use of non-accredited inks can lead to:
  • The damaging of the printer components, until changing it
  • The unforeseen interruptions in the printing process (the alternative inks have lower quality, are working on a lower temperature range and have different viscosities)
  • The increase in the interventions number and a decrease in the total productivity
  • Loss of the equipment warranty
  • Problems with the competent authorities due to quality certificates lack, regarding the alternative inks

Mach FTD is the sole importer, distributor, and integrator of Domino Printing industrial printers and marking systems. With over 25 years of experience in the field of marking alongside Domino Printing, we have achieved the accomplishment of optimal qualification and specialization of our offerings.