Editor™ RIP is a Domino converting equipment dedicated to industrial printing. It converts PDF documents (multiple pages) or IPDS to K630i or K600i printers. The Domino Editor is a modular solution consisting of a master PC and multiple slaves which provide the necessary inline processing capacity

The  Editor™ RIP is perfectly suited to the industrial environment being encapsulated in an expendable industrial rack-based, temperature-controlled enclosur. It can be used for a variety of applications: from direct mail to transactional mail, book printing, leaflets, and security applications that require the highest levels of data security.

Using this editor will help optimize your work time by eliminating pre-processing.

Editor™ RIP (2,610 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

Catalin Biloiu,
 PI Manager
+40 734 141 623