Full containers washing machine - the complete solution for efficient hygiene

Emerito's full containers washing machine is designed to provide a complete and customised solution for the efficient washing of full and closed containers, no matter their format or material.

Key features:

Integrated rinsing system: includes a standard rinsing module for a flawless finish, with the possibility of independent operation.

Intelligent water saving: the rinsing mode is activated only when containers are detected, reducing water consumption.

Continuous production: designed for seamless integration into production workflows, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Benefits of using the full containers washer:

Completely removes dirt and debris from full containers.
Guarantees an impeccable appearance of the containers.
Allows you to wash various types of containers.
Reduces water and energy consumption.
Adapts to existing production lines.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to offer you a customised solution for washing full containers, adapted to the specific needs of your business.


masina de spalat recipiente pline

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

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Packaging Manager
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