Horizontal / Vertical Wrapping Machine Crima Inox



    Is a wrapping/packaging machine, able to operate in horizontal, vertical or inclined position. The position is chosen by the operator through a simple handwheel, in order to make more comfortable the insertion of products.

CRIMA INOX works with different types of films: polypropylene, polythene, coupled films of polythene + polypropylene / polypropylene + polyester / paper + plythene + polypropylene, smooth surface, perforated, printed, transparent, polythene grid.

     Key features:   

Film reel

700 mm

Jaw’s width

350 mm

Height sealing cut unit

180 mm

Minimum size of product

10 x 10 x 10 mm (HxLxW)

Maximum size of product

180 x ∞ x 300 (HxLxW)

Reference between HxLxW

2H+2W+40 mm = 700 mm max.


33 ppm

Machine sizes

L: 2500 mm 
W: 1300 mm 
H: 1800 mm

Machine weight

KG 530

Electric powwer supply

220 V – 50/60 HZ

Installed power

KW 3


Brosura masina de ambalat orizontal flow-pack Crima Inox (1,981 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

Hrimiuc Iulian,
Packaging Manager
+40 753 010 742