Integrated Warehouse Management Systems - Robot Palletization



Mach FTD is one of the leading companies in Romania, being specialized in providing complete solutions, in different industries. Starting in 1994 we have specialized in industrial technical solutions, being the first company that offers on the Romanian market the equipment for marking and inscription on any support. For more than 25 years, our company has developed a system based on the diversification of the products and services portfolio, so that nowadays a lot of customers are interested in our complete solutions for their production lines automation.

Our objectives referring to the implementation of the solutions for production line automation are increased productivity and cost optimization, the streamlining of the internal processes and the low maintenance due to the quality of the integrated equipment. One of our important projects was performed at the Bod sugar factory in Brasov, one of the four sugar factories in the country, being the only company of this type, with entirely Romanian capital and having the largest sugar beet growing area.

Mach FTD has completed in this factory an automatic system for the palletizing of the sugar bags, consisting of conveyors with rollers for picking up bags from the conveyor and transporting them to the palletizing area, an ABB robot with Ethernet communication module, a robot beater, gripper made especially for this type of application by Evotech Engineering Concept, a company born from Mach FTD, a pallet conveyor section with manual feeding module and final pallet picking module, by assuring the general automation and safety.
The benefits of this technical solution include:

• Increased productivity
• Reduced maintenance
• Extremely low staff utilization
• Ease of manoeuvrability
• Increased reliability

The leading customers eMAG and Fashion Days have decided on our integrated solutions and these systems have brought tremendous benefits, by achieving a significant productivity gain and by eliminating downtime.

The solution for these customers was to implement a WMS (Warehouse Management System) and aimed to streamline the order processing and the optimization of the working times.

The solutions implemented in these companies include:

• The inter-operational transport systems for the entire product range, sorting and picking solutions carried out by diverting and grouping systems for the related operations (these involve the automatically identifying, separating, collecting and storing of the products, the only manual operation is the replenishment of product stores)
• The dynamic storage solutions which are comprising racking equipped with gravity transport systems in the FIFO system, the dynamic weighing systems - in-flow weighing of products and their verification with the off-line removal methods, for non-conforming products, rejection control, networked data collection, general process automation and IT solutions -the designing and the implementation of customized WMS applications or integration of the customized solutions into the beneficiary's existing WMS or ERP systems (the product traceability, local decision, centralized decision).

Among the benefits of these implementations are:

  • The optimization and automation of the production traceability process
  • Elimination of manual operations
  • The presentation of specific and useful reports at the user and management level
  • The accurate, real-time control of the operations on the production line and in the storage area
  • The locating of a product within the production flow and in the storage area
  • The real-time knowledge of the situation in the production process and in the storage area
  • The increasing processing capacity concerning the information and product
  • The optimization of human resources
  • Quality control
  • The fast order processing
  • Clear stock records

During the choosing of such systems, the customers should take into consideration the following features: the flexibility and modularity within the solution, the production capacity, the upgradeability at any time, the reliability, the reduction of the used consumables, as well as low costs, low long-term maintenance, safety, the speed of technical interventions, the ergonomics and energy efficiency.

Mach FTD is providing to interested customers with the equipment, the technical solutions which are dedicated to implementing such systems, as well consultancy regarding the proposed solution.