Label applicator ALcode P

ALcode P Pallet Label Applicator - High Speed Efficiency and Accuracy

The ALcode P Pallet Label Applicator is the complete solution for efficient pallet labeling.

Discover the benefits of the ALcode P label applicator:

  • Fast and accurate labeling: Applies SSCC A5 labels on two sides of pallets, in compliance with GS1 standards, at speeds of up to 180 pallets/hour.
  • Easy integration: Compatible with a wide range of labeling software and ERP systems via Ethernet interface.
  • Flexibility: Allows labeling of pallets of various shapes and sizes, with options for 2 or 3 labels per pallet.
  • Reliability and durability: Robust construction with components from top manufacturers such as Sato and Zebra.
  • Ease of use and maintenance: Intuitive interface and "hot-swappable" print module.

Key features of the ALcode P label applicator:

  • Triaxial motion system: Ensures fast and precise label movement.
  • Flexible tampon contact application: Controlled pressure and automatic retraction for perfect application.
  • PLC and ERP integration options: Advanced customization for optimized workflows.
  • Extended capacity: Supports 300mm (optional 400mm) label rolls with rewinder.

Why choose ALcode P?

  • Increased efficiency: Significantly reduces pallet labeling time.
  • Optimized accuracy: Eliminates manual errors and ensures compliance with standards.
  • Reduced costs: Increases productivity and minimizes rejects.
  • Reliability: Durable solution from a leader in the field.
  • Customized solution: Ideal configuration for specific needs.

The ALcode P Pallet Label Applicator is the perfect solution for optimizing your workflow. Contact us for more information!

Brosura ALcode P (3,386 Kb) [Download]

Aplicatorul de etichete pentru paleti ALcode P

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