Label applicator ALritma X

Label applicator ALritma X - High performance for demanding packaging lines

ALritma X is a self-adhesive label applicator that redefines performance, speed and accuracy!

ALritma X Label Applicator Features

Extraordinary efficiency at maximum speed:

Outstanding capacity: the ALritma X excels in productivity, providing extended uptime and a significant reduction in downtime.
Amazing speed: Reaches label feed speeds of up to 40 m/min, available for 100 and 200 mm label widths.
Impeccable accuracy: Even at top speeds, the ALritma X maintains highly accurate label positioning, regardless of product conveying speed variations.

Top version:

Unrivalled performance: Equipped with a "High-performance" kit, the ALritma X reaches speeds of 90 m/min and applies 900 labels per minute while maintaining exceptional accuracy.
Ideal for complex applications: The perfect solution for rotary labellers and applications using printer/markers and detector checks.

Advanced functionality:

Easy paper feed system: With in-console rollers for easy paper handling.
Dual-action pre-cut system: Ensures smooth and consistent label feed.
Push-pull drive system: Ensures exceptional label positioning accuracy.
Compact rewind unit: With brushless motor and integrated gear motor for quiet and reliable operation.
Silicone paper removal system: Integrated into the paper drive disc for increased efficiency.
Ultrasonic detection: Of roll end and rewinder fill for optimal management of the labelling process.
Roll locking system: With expandable mandrel for secure label roll fixing.
Rugged housing: IP55 rated for durable use in industrial environments.
Compact control box: With intuitive touchscreen interface for easy and accurate operation.

Choose the ALritma X label applicator and discover efficiency at the highest standards!

Pliant ALritma X (1,979 Kb) [Download]

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