Label applicator ALritma

ALritma is a high speed label applicator designed for integration into automated packaging lines where speed, reliability and accuracy are the main requirements. ALritma applicators are based on an innovative mechanical structure which offers versatility and robustness. The device is available in three versions: S, M and L for label size 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm ensuring precise positioning of the label at the highest production speeds. Due to the construction, equipment allows easy change of the roll of labels, which is located in the side. 

Label applicator is equipped with a high power microprocessor and touch screen which allows easy change of configuration without having to change the mechanical parts of the equipment, thus reducing setup time.

The following functions are available for this model:
  • Adjusting the speed with 0.1 m / min
  • Delay of label application configured in mm
  • Adjustment ramp of acceleration and deceleration
  • Memorizing different label formats
  • Label counter ascending and descending
  • Alarm for notify termination of roll of labels
  • The possibility of connecting equipment to other equipments 

In addition to these standard features, ALritma applicators can be fitted with following optional elements for performance enhancing:

  • Additional label rolling unit
  • Rolling unit up to a diameter of 400 mm
  • Printing equipment with hot foil
  • Detection sensor for transparent label
  • Detection system of proximity for finishing labels roll
  • Verification sensor for applying the label on product
  • Serial interface for connection to PC

The main feature of ALritmaT is that it can be integrated with all models of SATO thermal transfer printers, enabling writing of the date and the batch, barcodes, graphic elements etc. Finally, where linear speed, production capacity, autonomy and application precision of labels are the main requirements of functioning of an labels application system, the solution is ALritmaXtra. 

It has a stronger and more solid structure than the standard model, is equipped with a label rewinder that allows a diameter of 350 mm and a motorized bigger rewinder for recovery of remaining paper strip to increase the autonomy of operation. When the applicator works at maximum speed of 60 m / min (optional 80 m / min) and 800 applications / min, labels roll ends quickly.

Pliant ALritma (5,963 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

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 PI Manager
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