Label applicator ALstep T

Label applicator print & apply ALstep T - Efficiency and economy at an unbeatable price

ALstep T is an affordable automatic labelling solution, ideal for a wide range of applications!

Economical performance:

Unbeatable price: ALstep T is the economical version of the print & apply label applicator, offering an efficient solution at an affordable cost.
High speed: Applies labels at speeds up to 100 labels/minute (30 m/min), meeting the needs of medium-paced production lines.

Exceptional flexibility:

Independent operation: Can be used as a stand-alone applicator for pre-printed labels, offering increased versatility.
Adaptability to different formats: Allows the use of labels of different sizes and shapes without the need to change machine components.

Simplified control:

Intuitive interface: Easy-to-use 6 crt LCD controller, allowing digital setting of labelling parameters.
Quick setup: Quickly change product/label shapes by setting the label positioning delay in millimetres.

ALstep T applicator features

SATO LT408 thermal printing unit: High-quality printing with 200 dpi resolution and speeds up to 6 inches/second.
No compressed air required: Quiet and efficient operation without the need for a compressed air source.Optional functions and components: Full range of optional functions and components available for the standard ALstep applicator.


The ALstep T label applicator is the ideal solution for:

Medium paced production lines: Suitable for a wide range of automatic labelling applications.
Limited budgets: Offers a cost-effective print & apply labelling solution while maintaining satisfactory performance.
Need for flexibility: Allows adaptation to different label formats and independent operation.

Choose ALstep T and discover an efficient and economical way to optimise your labelling process!

Pliant ALstep T (1,757 Kb) [Download]

Aplicator de etichete ALstep T

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