Domino D series i-Tech Laser

The latest editions of our  successful compact scribing laser are designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces.

Domino D-Series – new, compact lasers are flexible in more ways than one.

The new i-Tech scan head is smaller and adjustable, allowing the D-Series lasers to be installed in the most restricted spaces.
A new IP65 version design adds greater protection for harsh environment installations.
Flexible connectivity and a familiar interface  now make it possible to control D-Series lasers from anywhere.
Improved performance at high line speeds through the patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.

A diverse range of applications
The D-Series laser system produces unlimited lineof text in any orientation, and in many fonts and sizes. It is equally suitable for both graphics and 2D datamatrix codes. All are permanently applied to a wide range of materials from low to high production line speeds.

Specificatii tehnice (1,696 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

Catalin Biloiu,
 PI Manager
+40 734 141 623