Mach FTD is industrial maintenance specialized


Article - Mach FTD - Specialists in industrial maintenance

Mach FTD is one of the leading companies in Romania, providing equipment, complete solutions and services in different industries. Our company has the competence and experience in the designing and implementing of complex applications, according to the specific activity of each type of customer.

Mach FTD is coming with support to the customers who are using industrial equipment with the new full Service and Consumables Subscription, by offering maintenance services, through mobile technical intervention teams or by remote assistance. We have created this type of subscription, with the aim of reducing operational costs, as well as reducing the number of unplanned production stops.

This type of service is referring to all types of equipment which are in the Mach's portfolio, whether the equipment is purchased from our company or not. The types of maintenance we are offering ensure the increase of the productivity and the quality of the equipment, increased overall efficiency of the manufacturing and production systems, as well as an increased customer convenience. Preventive maintenance aims to prevent equipment failures by ensuring their proper functioning, and by replacing the worn components, before their fail.

This type of maintenance is required periodic checks, and partial or total overhauls, at specified intervals.
Predictive maintenance helps to determine the equipment condition in their operation for the purpose of an accurate prediction regarding the maintenance actions. This approach is carried out during the equipment operation, by minimizing the disruptions of the normal operating systems.

The experience and the technical competence of our maintenance team are allowing to successfully tackle any project in the industrial sector and beyond. We are ensuring the comfort and certainty that the production and investment are always under close supervision.
Industrial maintenance management which is applied and used by our team responds to any request.

Within this subscription, you are having access to: regular overhauls, remote monitoring, backup of equipment and warranty to the equipment throughout the contract period, free regular training, free 24/24 telephone support, as well as major discounts on the consumables throughout the contract period.

The benefits of the Service and Consumable package are:

  • The reduction of downtime and the increase of the production time
  • Elimination of technical incidents and the risk of serious equipment failure
  • The reduction of the unplanned maintenance costs
  • The reducing of the spare parts inventory
  • The optimization of the equipment performance
  • The reduction of the non-conforming products' number
  • The increasing safety in the equipment operation
  • The Increasing the equipment operating mode
  • The improvement of the equipment's technological performance of

We also are providing remote monitoring for Domino A Plus and iTech Series equipment, through the Mach Connect application.
With this application, you benefit from the following advantages: the reading of the equipment information: the marked message, number of messages, information related to the equipment, the running time, consumed ink, the recognition and interpretation of any kind of errors, including of several types of equipment into an Ethernet network and the presentation of all information in a complete report.
For more information about our equipment as well as the new Service and Consumables Subscription, please contact the Mach FTD team.