Mach FTD - provider of complete logistic solutions


Mach FTD is one of the leading companies in Romania specialised in providing complete solutions and is also a significant integrator of customized logistics solutions.

Currently, Mach FTD offers the latest concepts and modern solutions developed in recent years for various fields, including interoperative transport, process traceability, quality control, picking solutions, printing and labelling, packaging, marking, robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions, pallet wrapping, and pallet exchange.

In this way, the company, along with specialized suppliers, can offer a diverse range of equipment and services used in modern logistics. Interoperative transport systems for a wide range of products (plastic containers, trays, cardboard boxes, etc.) include motorized and gravity roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, spiral conveyors for elevation/descent, lifts, and telescopic conveyors.

Sorting and picking solutions implemented with diverting and regrouping systems for relevant operations. These involve the automatic identification, separation, collection, and storage of products, with the only manual operation being the replenishment of product warehouses.

Dynamic storage solutions encompass shelves equipped with gravity transport systems in a FIFO setup.

Dynamic weighing systems - in-line product weighing and verification, with methods for diverting non-conforming products off the line, rejection control, and network data collection.

In-line printing and labelling - an essential process in the logistics sector that forms the basis for picking and diverting operations and accurate product identification. Labels can include a wide range of information, including barcodes and 2D codes.

Automated and/or semi-automated collective packaging: box forming and sealing; palletizing; pallet wrapping; strapping; pallet exchange.

Overall automation, process automation, and IT solutions - designing and implementing customized WMS (Warehouse Management System) applications or integrating customized solutions into the beneficiary's existing WMS or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems (product traceability, local decision-making, centralized decision-making).

All the solutions offered by Mach FTD are aimed at enhancing customers' process capacity and efficiency, contributing to improving the quality of internal activities and customer services.