The pallets conveyors produced by Soco System are an extremely flexible solution for a wide range of industrial production needs. The standard components are numerous and the system can be combined according to the needs of the production line, the possibilities being virtually endless. Imagination is the only limitation that exists when configuring pallet transport systems.

For a better understanding of the client's application, however, it is possible to design an electronic design of the system using AutoCAD software. To cover a wide range of possibilities, Soco System offers two types of pallet conveyors: roller conveyors and chain conveyors (where the basic configuration of the pallet does not allow the roller conveyor to be used). In addition, for any transport system, an optional pallet storage can be used to optimize the flow of transport and the possibility of integrating a rotating table.

Pallet handling, pallet conveying, quick exchange of pallets and pallet stacking are only some of the processes that SOCO SYSTEM’s pallet modules make very efficient. The system is supplied in a variety of lengths, widths and heights.

Examples of modules are: non-driven and driven pallet roller conveyors, chain conveyors, pallet magazines, transfer trucks and rotary tables. There is also a wide range of auxiliary equipment available at request.

Soco Palet Conveyor (7,693 Kb) [Download]