General Data Protection Regulation- GDPR MACH FTD SRL

The name of the operator
  • Adress: Str. Ion Vodă Viteazu, No. 28, București
  • Fiscal date: J40/18271/1994, fiscal code CIF RO 6286000
  • Phone number: +40 21 460 98 40/41/43/44
  • E-Mail: mach@mach.ro

Statement of consent to the processing of my personal data
  • I give my voluntary and express consent to process my data provided during the visit, subscription, and registration on Mach sites (https://www.mach.ro, https://www.evo-tech.ro, AdWords, Linkedin), as well as those offered during the call for tenders.
  • With my registration data, I declare I have 18 years old and I have full exercise capacity. I am a representative of a company or an organization with special juridical condition and I am justified, mandated by the person, respectively for the organization to provide the processing agreement and data management as described in this information.
  • I declare that neither on the occasion of the registration nor afterwards will I in any way disclose to MACH any special personal data. Special personal data are considered to be personal data references to racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious confession or philosophical conviction, trade union membership, biometric data or genetic capable for identifying the individual, health data, sexual life or sexual orientation.
  • I declare I do not provide to Mach personal identification number – for example ( the list is not exhaustive): passport number, personal identification number, identity card number, home card number, driving license number.
  • With this agreement I agree that MACH is entitled to contact me by phone and sent me e-mails, booklets, invitations to events related to its subject matter.
  • My agreement on data processing can be withdrawn at any time by the methods specified herein, for example by a request sent to the e-mail marketing@mach.ro.

Your rights
Below you will find your rights. With GDPR provisions, if you contact us about these rights, we have the obligation to respond within a maximum of 1 month. We want to respond as soon as possible.

The right to be informed
  • You may request that we inform you of your personal data processed by us. You can request acces to this data.
  • You have the right to request information at any time by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to our main address or e-mail to marketing@mach.ro. The request for information sent by letter will be replied if we can identify you unequivocally.
  • The request for information by mail will be taken into consideration if it is sent from your registered e-mail address, but, this does not exclude the possibility that we may identify you by other means before responding your application.
  • The request for information may refer to the data processed by us, their source, purpose, legal basis, the processing period, the name and address of potential operators, data processing activities, and in case of sending personal data, we will inform you about the people that have acces to it and the purpose for which they received or will receive your data.

Right of acces
If you will send us a request regarding the progress of the personal processed data, in case of an affirmative answer we will grant you with access the purpose of the processing, categories of data, recipients, processing period, rights concerned, legal remedies, source of data, automated decisions, sending data abroad.

The right to correct
At any time, you may request the correction or modification of your personal information by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to us our main address or e-mail to marketing@mach.ro. Due to the purpose of the data processing, you can request the completion of your personal data.

The right to be deleted
You may request the deletion of your personal data processed by us. The removal request may be rejected,
in order to exercise the right to free expression and guidance, or if the processing of personal data is a public interest (justification is ensured by law), respectively from fair private interest (submission, capitalizing or defending legal claims).

The rejection of the request to be deleteed will be communicated in each case together with the reasons for the rejection decision. Following the request for deletion of personal data, the previous data can not be restored. Unsubscribing from newsletters can be done by accessing the link above each newsletter.

Right to opposition
You can oppose the processing of your personal data if your personal data processing is required solely for the fulfillment of our legal obligation or our legitimate interest, if data processing is for direct marketing purposes, surveys or scientific research, or if the processing of personal data has the purpose of performing a task of public utility.

We will examine the legality of the opposition and, if we find that it is founded, we will stop processing the data, we will block personal data and we will communicate the opposition and the measures taken for those persons to which the personal data  is the subject of the opposition communicated previously.

The purpose of data processing
  • Protecting your rights
  • Identify yourself, keep in touch with you.
  • Identify your rights.
  • Customize marketing messages sent to you. Providing relevant messages according to the field of interest, industrial branch, the type of society, decision objectives and work scope.
  • Fulfilling our legal obligations.
  • Valuing our legitimate interests.
Processed data
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Billing address, headquarters

We log certain data for security reasons:
  • Pages/ Viewed functionalities
  • Exact terms
  • IP adress
  • Browser cookie
  • We build a profile for marketing purposes, based on information collected from managed sites (watched pages, how much time do you stay on site, calls for tenders submitted via the form, other data provided by the Google Analytics platform)
  • We keep the call log: Call method (who-when- with whom he spoke)

Web analytics performed on the web page

We inform you that for monitoring the number of visitor and for the analyse of their behavior, statistics, and ad performance we use Google Analytics, AdWords, Conversion Tracking.

The programs listed above will launch cookies in your browser, whose users will store data about individual users. Accessing the MACH page you allow to use Google Analytics, AdWords. You also agree to the observation, tracking your behavior and using all the services offered by the programs.

In addition, you may at any time be able to prohibit the future recording and storing of cookie data as described below. We inform you that the settings and the use of Google Analytics,  Adwords programsand the conversion tracking complies with data protection authority requirements.

According to the information provided by Google, Google Analytics reports the interactions of the page visitors, especially with the first-party cookies. These cookies only record information that does not allow people to be identified. Browsers do not publish their own cookies between domains. More information about cookies can be found in Ads and frequently asked questions.

Google Analytics
The Google Analytics program is primarily used by the MACH site for statistical purposes and among other things it measures the effectiveness of its campaigns. By browsing the MACH sites, we get information about the number of visitors and the time they spend on their website. The program recognizes the user's IP address so we can identify whether we have a new or old visitor and we can track the user's activity on the web page and the fields accessed by the user.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

The purpose of tracking conversions with Google AdWords is that MACH can measure the effectiveness of AdWords ads. Measurements are made using cookies that are launched on the user's computer for 30 days.

Confidentiality of data processing
MACH data records benefit of full confidentiality.We perform all necessary data security measures, the data which is processed being used only to measure the need for the web page to function. In this process we include emails and sms sent to you through services providers.

MACH will not sell or lend your personal data for marketing purposes to third parties. In the case of a request by summons, court order or in court proceedings, MACH will hand over your personal data or other relevant information.

Data processed by MACH can be transferred at the request of the authorities or the court as well as on the basis of authorities requests, in which case MACH will notify users through the newsletter if the notification is not contrary to the request from the authorities or the court or legal provisions.

Colleagues' access to your personal data
For our colleagues, we will only provide access to those personal data processed by us that are necessary for the performance of our service tasks.

Data security
The data security issue is a complex issue for systems that process business-sensitive data. For us the safety and data protection requirements are ensured by internal regulations and procedures in all areas:
  • Data security
  • Network security
  • Data segmantation
  • Access
Period of data processing
According to the GDPR regulation, the data is processed over a determined period for each data category. Personal data will be retained for 365 days from the last contact, unless the legal or contractual regulations set a longer term.

Data transfer
We are obliged to transfer all personal data at the request of the competent authorities if such transfer is ordered by law or by the final decision of an authority. For this data transfer and for the consequences of this transfer, operators can not be held accountable.

In the event that the operation or the use of our services will be wholly or partly transmitted to a third party, we may transmit all or partly your personal data processed and retained by us to the third party, without your consent but with a notification sent to you, with the highlight that this data transfer may not place you in a more disadvantageous situation than the one set out in the rules regarding the processing of personal data contained in this information. In case of data transfer according to this paragraph, we will offer you the option to opt-out before transferring it. In case of your opposition, data transfer according to this paragraph is not possible.

In order to verify the legality of the data transfer and to inform the data subject, the operator will keep track of the data transfer including the date of transfer of the data processed, the legal basis and the transfer recipient, the definition of the personal data categories and other data set in the legislation on data processing.

Updating information, tracking legislative changes
This information is constantly reviewed and updated according to the legal framework and requests from the authorities. Current information can be accessed permanently by the user on the MACH site.