MACH FTD offers complete automatic or semi-automatic solutions for the egg marking process. The system is available in two main variants. In the basic version the system is designed independently and the product supply is manually operated. The eggs are placed in the shell, the usual matrix being 6x5. Other settlements are possible. When the case reaches the marking area of ​​the inkjet printer, the printer begins the marking process, the marking device being manipulated by means of a translational axis. The cycle is resumed until the marking of the eggs in the shellis completed. After marking, the egg shell reaches the end of the conveyor.

In the advanced version, the egg-marking system can be integrated into a production line either in the transport area after the eggs have been placed in the vault or in the egg sorting module of the automatic machine.
In the basic version the system consists of:
- Domino inkjet printing system
- conveyor system (belt conveyor) with a length of 2000mm
- Translating axis and general automation
- Sensors for detection marking and egg shell position at the end of the conveyor

The drive is made by an asynchronous motor drive motor.

Benefits of the proposed solution:
- High productivity
- Flexible
- Compact and reliable system