Robot Master Plus:

   Due to its extensive experience, Robopac is now introducing a new range of entry level self-propelled wrapping machines, the Robot Master.

Attractive design and sophisticated technology combine in Master to create a solid and reliable robot that wraps loads on pallets. Master was constructed according to the design, construction and safety criteria used to build top performance robots. Master is an agile and compact packaging tool based on Robopac’s experience with over 25,000 robots sold worldwide. While intended for typically industrial use, Master is simple to use, taking various and severe working conditions into account. Robot Master is also equipped with Technical, solutions such as start cycle siren, blinker visible during product wrapping, immediate stop button and emergency bumpers that ensure high safety levels.


    • FRD - mechanical brake on return roller, no pre-stretching;
    • FR - electromagnetic brake on return roller, adjustable from control panel, no pre-stretching;
    • PDS - Dual pre-stretch rollers controlled via the control panel. Pre-stretch system is fixed at 250%. “Stretch Control” control activates the electromagnetic clutch positioned on the first roller.
Key features: 
Batteries   N°2 12V 75 Ah (C5) AGV (M80) / N°2 12V 110 Ah (C5) Pb/Acid (M110)
N° of pallets per battery charge   >150 (M80) / >250 (M110)
Machine rotation speed m/min 35÷65
Carriage up-down speed m/min 1,5÷4,6
Minimum product dimensions (LxW) mm 600x600
Maximum product height mm 2200 std. 2400 opt.
Minimum pallet weight  kg 45
Film carriage type   FRD, FR (M80) / FRD, FR, PDS (M110)
Film stretch   manual (FRD), ajustabil din panou (FR, PDS)
Film pre-stretch   fara (FRD, FR), fix 250% std. (PDS)
Power supply voltage V 100-240 Monofazat
Power supply frequency Hz 50/60
Installed power kW 0,3 (M80) / 0,4 (M110)
Max reel dimensions mm 500x300
Max reel weight kg 20
Film thickness μm 17÷35

Catalog Robot Master Plus (1,689 Kb) [Download]

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