Robot S7 Stop and Go pallet stretch wrappers

The new pallet stretch wrappers Robopac S7 Stop and Go

Due to our extensive experience, Robopac introduces a new range of Robot S7 Stop&Go pallet stretch wrappers. The focus on advanced technologies and prioritizing safety systems is at the core of Robopac's development capabilities. The stretch wrapper features a high level of film autonomy and exceptional working flexibility, designed to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size, and weight using stretch film. With the integration of a laser scanner, the machine instantly stops upon encountering an obstacle within the safety zone. When the laser scanner no longer detects the obstacle, the machine automatically restarts, eliminating any potential contact with the operator.

The pallet wrapper Robopac S7 Stop and Go benefits

The Robopac S7 Stop and Go pallet wrapper performance

Thanks to the cutting-edge Cube technology powered by brushless motors, achieve superior load stabilization with minimal film consumption. Experience intelligent and user-friendly operation with the new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and effortless film insertion facilitated by the redesigned film coil.


Achieve the lowest energy and film consumption in the market, attributed to the implementation of lithium batteries and Cube technology.


Benefit from precise film control using brushless motors and enhanced performance from the new film coils.Take advantage of the option to install the R-Connect system (Industry 4.0), enabling seamless connectivity and data integration.


No.of pallets/battery charge    >300 (Pb/Acid)  >300 (Pb/Acid)
Batteries   N°2 12 V 110 Ah Pb/Acid (std.)
N°1 24 V 50 Ah Lithium (opt.)
N°2 12 V 110 Ah Pb/Acid (std.)
N°1 24 V 50 Ah Lithium (opt.)
Maximum pallet high  mm  2400/2800/3100 opt. 2400/2800/3100 opt.
Minimum dimensions  mm 600x600 600x600
Carriage type   P3GS PVS
Film stretch   adjustable from panel

adjustable from panel

Film prestretch   0% - 230 % - 300 % (std.)
0% - 150% - 250% (opt.)
variable 0-500%
Machine power supply  V 100-240 V (1Ph) 50/60Hz 100-240 V (1Ph) 50/60Hz
Machine rotation speed  m/min  35÷80 35÷80
Carriage up down speed  m/min  1,5 ÷ 5 1,5 ÷ 5
Maximum reel dimensions (lxD)  mm 500x300 500x300
Maximum reel weight  kg 20  20
Film thickness μm 7÷35 7÷35


Brosura Engleza Robopac S7 Stop and Go (9,293 Kb) [Download]

Mach FTD- Infoliator Robopac S7 Stop and Go

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