The construction of the protection fences provided by MACH FTD is recommended for any equipment of the production line, including for the complex applications. The systems consisting in protection fences provided by MACH FTD include a wide range of components deigned to provide maximum stability.

The modular constructions for protection of the industrial equipment provided by MACH FTD, consist in a variety of standard components, with unlimited configuration possibilities. The structural elements of the fences can be assembled according to the characteristics of each application.

For the extended areas, whose perimeter must be quickly enclosed, the fences consisting in panels mounted on pols fixed to the floor are recommended, because they allow the installation in any angle, having a high degree of flexibility of the positioning high flexibility.

For the linear or rectangular perimeters it is recommended to carry out the installation of interconnected panels in the pols fixed to the floor, due to the straight angle assembling.

Standard components
  • Pols - support
  • Metallic mesh (Aluminum, zinc plated steel)
  • Aluminum / polycarbonate / acrylic /  panels / PETG panels (standard heights: 2.060 mm and 1.460 mm, that can be adjusted depending on the application)
  • Connectors: mounting plates, fixing slots, fittings, angular connectors
  • Support elements: adjustable feet  (PVC/ Aluminum), rollers, gripping fastening elements – to the floor
  • Structural elements – T-slotted
  • Handles
  • Closing Kit
  • Hinges, locks
Additional components
  • Profiles for sliding doors
  • Profiles for swiveling doors  (they allow the flexible installation of other elements such as doors, access windows)
  • Doors with vertical opening (pneumatic/ hydraulic/ electro-mechanical system)
  • Doors with shear opening (balanced by the weight of the 2 main components)
  • profiles for double opening doors / windows
  • Simple / double doors
  • Roller systems
  • Angular fastening elements
  • Security Kit
Achievable types of applications:
  • Delimitation of the industrial equipment / IT / robots functioning areas
  • The protection of the working perimeter
  • Fence / panel separating the production lines and not only
  • Delimitation and securing of the storage perimeter by only allowing the access of  the authorized personnel 
  • Wide range of standard components for each application sector
  • Easy to assemble and adjust, with manual dismantling possibility
  • A minimum execution time range between the designing and the installation
  • Does not require welding of painting
  • Resistance to corrosion and to the action of the chemical agents
  • For higher security levels, they can be associated with frontal / side walls
  • Automation of the line stopping in case of accidental opening of the secured area
  • Reduction of the accidental access to the production areas
  • Meeting of both national as well as international quality standards, including the standards of the pharmaceutical industry