Sauce Filling Machine with Volumetric Control 

Essential Features of the Sauce Filling Machine

Precise Volume Control: Regardless of the density of sauces, pastes or liquids, our machine provides precise control through magnetic flowmeters. We ensure uniform filling of containers with any product consistency.

Versatility for Various Products: Our equipment can be adapted to fill sauces, pastes and liquids regardless of their characteristics. We choose flowmeters according to the specifications of each application, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Customizable Configuration: We can equip the machine with a variable number of filling devices, depending on your production needs. We offer additional options such as temperature control, agitator-mixer for homogenisation and level controls for efficient management of the filling process.

Increase Production Efficiency: With our sauce filling machine, we ensure efficient and consistent production. Precisely control the volume and quality of your products, reducing wastage and optimising the packaging process.

Technical data

  2FM, 4FM, 6FM, 4FM-A, 6FM-A
Tehnologie Umplere liniară (debitmetre).
Capacitate De la 10 la 120 u/m
Produse Lichide, sosuri, produse păstoase cu densitate mare și mică

We optimise your production process to deliver the highest quality products.

masina de umplut sosuri cu controlul volumului

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Packaging Manager
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