Rotary Space Header - Protecting products and optimizing production efficiency

Overfilling of containers can lead to a range of problems, from damage to delicate products to closure difficulties and material waste. Our Rotary Container Overfill Prevention System completely eliminates these problems, providing you with an efficient and versatile solution for your production lines.

Key Features:

Controlled Accuracy: Product pressure is easily adjusted in multiple levels, ensuring gentle handling and optimal filling.

Universal Adaptability: Works with a wide range of line speeds and adapts to various product types and canning formats.

Enhanced Efficiency: Facilitates container closure, eliminating problematic edges and optimizing production flow.

Maximum Protection: Prevents damage to delicate products and reduces material waste.

Benefits of using the Rotary Space Header:

  • Eliminates the risk of damage to fragile products during filling.
  • Facilitates and speeds up container closure.
  • Adapts to a variety of production needs.
  • Minimises material waste and optimises consumption.

To learn more about the benefits and functions of the Rotary Space Header, contact our team of specialists!


sistem de prevenire a supraincarcarii recipientelor

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