The palletising robot picks up items from a feed-in conveyor and places them on the pallet with great precision.

Plug and play
The robot is quick and easy to install in an existing production environment. It is tested before delivery using your products and pallet patterns.

New pallet pattern in 30 seconds
If the pallet pattern is already in the IPC, it takes no more than 30 seconds to switch to another programme.New pallet patterns generated using optimisation software, such as CAPEPACK®, can be transferred online or via diskette.

Safe to operate, simple and versatile
The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to access.It is equipped with safety fencing that meets CE requirements.

Greater pallet capacity - Impoved freight economy
All types of cases, even heavy and bulky ones, can be stacked at heights up to 2700 mm in order to fully utilise the capacity of lorries and containers.

Stainless steel for wet environments
The robot can be supplied entirely or partially in stainless steel.The robot has powder coated finish in RAL 2002 and RAL 9005 colours as standard. Special colours are available for at a surcharge.

The modular robot has two pallet positions that can be utilised in several ways.
No waiting time during pallet change.The modular robot can palletise the same product onto two pallets. When one pallet is full, the robot automatically starts to palletise on the second pallet, allowing plenty of time to remove the first full pallet and replace it with an empty pallet.

Gantry Soco (492 Kb) [Download]

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