Flexible and user-friendly modular system for meeting the needs of most industries for packaging and conveying. The system is available in a variety of lengths, widths and heights for vertical and horizontal conveying.

SOCO SYSTEM´s smooth-running conveyors offer a perfect combination of durability and elegant design. Characteristics:

  • Versatile conveyor type for many applications.
    The modules can be extended, changed and moved easily and quickly.
  • The axle pitch can be changed without the use of tools.
  • The system is silent with very little friction.
  • The conveyor frame has no sharp edges.
  • Suitable for small and awkward items.
  • The length is variable from 1520 mm to 5350 mm.

The flexi conveyors are available with single or double number of wheels. Characteristics:

  • Suitable for loading/unloading of trucks, containers, and wagons.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Can be folded away for neat storage in minimal space when not in use.

Drive section for driven roller conveyors. Charactristics:

  • The conveyors are used, for instance, where conveyors operate at right angles or where items are pushed from one conveyor to another.
  • The curves are available with guide profiles on both the inside- and the outside.
  • Low guide profile = H1.
  • High guide profile = H2.
Driven curves offer smooth product flow.
  • Various gearings and a frequency converter provide adjustability of speed.
  • Large and heavy items can easily be transported.
  • The curves are silent during operation.