Flexible traceability solutions with the Pharma Mach FTD Serialization Module


The system is specially designed to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency in any situation. The products are taken from the production line being prepared for their marking with messages from databases with Domino Laser or Domino TIJ G Series equipment. Messages can be marked at resolutions up to 600 dpi.

Messages can be automatically loaded from databases, such as the Data Matrix ECC 200, which contain the date, time, 2d barcode ECC 200, according to GS regulations..
Fixed or variable information can be entered:
• alphanumeric codes, GS1, 
• real time (expiration date / calendar / hour / minute)
• serial / batch numbers,
• exchange records,
• barcodes, 2D barcodes, logos, logos.
• special characters,
• logos, etc

                                                      MACH Serialization unit                        Domino Laser Coding Unit

Programming, editing or changing messages is easy:
• directly from the equipment, with the controller using an LCD screen with QWERTY keyboard.
• Touch Panel Touch Panel.
The verification of the codes and the presence of the marked messages is performed with high-performance Vision Systems for a traceability with a maximum efficiency. The Vision verification system is correlated with a rejection module to reject non-compliant products

Domino coding G series

Altech equipment from the ALpharma Tamper Evident range, built in accordance with EU Pharmaceutical requirements, can be used to apply security seals.
Altech Security Seal Application Equipment - ALpharma Category:

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