Is a turntable wrapping machine for wrapping products with stretch film in vertical. The operator can access from every side and load the machine with hand pallet truck via the suitable ramp or using a forklift truck.

   LP includes a thin turntable, only 30 mm thick, which allows to avoid frequent accidental bumps with the fork of the forklift truck and an easy loading. It is also suitable to save space thanks to the reduced dimensions of the new ramps and the quality of the new patented disc rolling system gives the machine a great reliability.

Types of wrapping machines: 

Infoliere paleti Masterplat LP


Infoliere paleti Rotoplat LP 



Types of stretch film devices:

    • FRD - The FRD film carriage with Mechanical Brake is manually adjusted and has an indicator to show the tension setting;   
    • FR - Spool carriage with electromagnetic brake on return roller. Stretch tension adjustable from control panel;
    • PGS - Is fixed gear 250% power pre-stretch and the force to load (tension) is controlled by a strain gauge, adjusted on the control panel. There are also options of 150%, 200% and 300% gears on this machine.
    • PDS - Dual pre-stretch rollers controlled via the control panel. Pre-stretch system is fixed at 250%. “Stretch Control” control activates the electromagnetic clutch positioned on the first roller.
    • PVS - The PVS Carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 150% up to 400%. Force to the load controlled by patented electronic device and adjustable from panel board.
    Key features:

Masterplat Plus LP

Rotoplat LP

Turntable diameter  mm 1650
Max load weight  kg 1200
Turntable speed m/min 5÷12
Carriage up-down speed m/min 1,4÷4 1,5÷5,5 
Maximum product dimensions (LxW) mm 1000x1200
Maximum product height mm 2200 std. 2400/2800/3100 opt.
Film carriage type   FRD, PGS FR, PDS, PVS
Film stretch   manual (FRD), adjustable (PGS) adjustable
Film pre-stretch   n.a (FRD), fixed 250% std. (PGS) n.a (FR), fixed 250% std (PDS), adjustable 150-400% (PVS)
Forklifting   rear and side
Power supply voltage V  230 V 1Ph    
Power supply frequency Hz    50/60  
Installed power kW 1,5 (FRD) / 1,9 (PGS) 1,5 (FR) / 1,9 (PDS) / 2,4 (PVS)
Max reel dimensions mm     500x300 
Max reel weight kg   20   
Film thickness μm    17÷35  

Catalog infoliatoare cu masa rotativa (13,983 Kb) [Download]

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