Superbox - Automatic cardboad case erector

MACH FTD presents ROBOPAC an automatic carton forming machine with a high output and a long lifespan. The new SUPERBOX forming machine retrieves the cardboard blanks, opens, folds and forms the boxes and then seals the bottom with tape. This highly versatile machine can use tape rolls of the kind commonly found on the market. The machine is composed of a blanks magazine, a section where the cartons are opened, and a discharge roller where the cartons are taped at the base.

Format changeovers are easily done using 5 handwheels and adjusting the strikes in the blanks magazine and the position of the suction caps. Three versions are currently available — Superbox 544, 545 and 645.

ROBOPAC SUPERBOX (2,784 Kb) [Download]

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Packaging Manager
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