The Orbit range of wrapping series from Robopac are the ideal solution to wrap a large  variety of products. These high capacity machines are used to wrap extruded aluminium or plastic, sections of wood, textiles an carpets. The stretch wrapping secures the products againts degradation it's efficient and has a low cost of ownership. The Orbit range of wrapping series from Robopac are built at the highest standards of safety and have a user friendly interface.

SPOOL CARRIAGE UNIT - The Spool carriage unit has a direct breaking transmission roller and is adjustable at any time it also eases spool loading and film insertion to amaximum. The spool carriage device is equipped with locking and quick release of the spool.

INFEED AND OUTFEED PNEUMATICALLY OPERATING TOP PRESSURE UNITS - The vertical pressure units automatically settle in order to ensure correct stabilisation of the productduring strapping. The length of the run can be adjusted manually to ease positioning of the pressure units on the products of different heights.

Pliant Orbit (3,309 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

Hrimiuc Iulian,
Packaging Manager
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