Automatic Case Erector machine - SOCO Pack ATS/AHS

OCO Pack ATS/AHS is a high speed, fully automatic case erector with integrated bottom tape/hot melt sealer. The machine handles FEFCO 0201 cases as standard. As examples of extra functions, the case erector can be fitted with side flap spreader if cases are causing problems due to poor design or material quality. The machine is also prepared for cases with overlapping side flaps. The machine is available partly in stainless steel.

The SOCO SYSTEM case erector is the perfect start of the packaging line – improves ergonomics and increases productivity and automation. Characteristics:

  • Compact machine.
  • Easy installation.
  • User-friendly software with numerous possibilities.
  • Low noise level and low air consumption.

Pliant ambalare SOCO (618 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment ask the Packaging department for information:

Hrimiuc Iulian,
Packaging Manager
+40 753 010 742