With over 20 years experience in working with leading food manufacturers, Domino has developed a range of coding solutions that can print directly on to food and food packaging. Domino's ink jet, thermal ink jet , thermal transfer overprinting and laser technology has set the industry standard for print quality, consistence and reliability.
Some of the key applications include: Food Grade | Eggs | PET | Flexible Packs / Flow Wrap | Cartons | Glass | Cans | Corrugated Outer Cases

Key Benefits

Domino products have been specifically developed to offer:
  • Compliance with FDA, MAFF and EEC regulations
  • IP rated equipment for wash-down environments
  • Reduce wastage through effective coding and error management
  • Versatile printer capabilities, integrating seamlessly into existing lines
  • Letter-quality ink jet and laser coding
  • Print high speed complex variable text, graphics and barcodes

Key Applications

Food Grade
  • High quality coding directly onto food such as ice cream, cheese and confectionary products using food grade ink.
  • Range of ink colours ensures legibility and outstanding contrast
  • Approvals include FDA and EU food-grade applications
  • Odour free inks for printing onto products and permeable packaging such as cigarettes
  • Self-disinfecting inks

  • Foodgrade inks that are fast drying and self disinfecting
  • Coding directly onto egg shells
  • Non-contact printing ensures high quality print onto curved surfaces
  • Egg coder application integrates seamlessly with all main egg grader machines

  • Tuned lasers enable, high quality permanent laser coding without perforation
  • High speed ink jet printing with fast drying inks ensures code is not smeared or rubbed off
  • Non-contact printers produce high quality code onto uneven and curved surfaces
  • Abrasion-resistant inks that will not rub off
  • Laser codes stay crisp and clear even after wash down

Flexible Packs / Flow Wrap
  • Superior adhesion on plastics, foils and laminate ensures ink remains legible when flexed
  • Non contact ink jet and laser printing will not damage substrate
  • Tuned lasers enable high quality permanent laser coding without perforation
  • Highly efficient thermal transfer overprinting in high volume manufacturing environments

  • Superior adhesion on wet glass
  • White inks to print onto darker backgrounds for outstanding contrast
  • Removable inks for returnable bottles
  • Nude inks only visible under UV lights for internal traceability without visually marking finished product
  • Permanent laser coding

  • Excellent metal adhesion inks
  • Consistently clear coding
  • Thermochromic ink change colour when cans have been steam sterilised
  • Code anywhere from cap to bottom of cans

  • Excellent adhesion even on heavily laminated cartons
  • Tuned lasers offer letter-quality coding on the range of carton coatings
  • Ink jet and laser coders keep pace with high speed lines

Corrugated Outer Cases
  • Minimises inventory variants and simplifies stock planning
  • Increased printing flexibility enables ad-hoc printing runs and personalisation of packaging at no extra cost

High-Quality Large Format Character Ink Jet
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed casing and labelling
  • Cost effective alternative to label printing
  • Offer variable data, graphics and bar coding UCC/EAN-128 and ITF-14

Standard-Print Large Format Character Ink Jet
  • Cost effective print of simple date, time and text
  • Minimises inventory variants and simplifies stock planning