It is designed for standard industrial printing tasks. It features high accuarcy technologies like TouchPanel, i-Techx ink and electronics system and i-Pulse print head.
Ax350i Printer can be controlled using a 10.4 inch Domino Type 3 TouchPanel or a 7 inch Domino Type 4 Touchpanel, that can be mounted on the top of stainless steel cabinet or anywhere within the range of the connecting cable.
It is user friendly and for an optimal performance Ax350i only requires the replacement of consumables (make-up filter, ink and make-up cartridges, make-up module and I-Tech module). The replacement of consumables it’s monitored and measured by the i-Techx technology (signals coded with yellow for easy identification and and user convenience and cabinet status lights).
Key Benefits:
• Variety of durable printing codes (available in black, blue, yellow, red and white) which makes it suitable for a wide range of print surfaces.
• Strong IP55 cabinet designed with IP66 electronics enclosure;
• Enabled with a heavy duty ink system, resistant to inks with corrosive properties;
• i-Pulse system (based on Continous Ink Jet) offers smart ink usage, droplet accuarcy, faster speed of printing and ink adhesion after post-printing process like sterilisation and blast freezing;
• The i-Techx system monitors ink and makeup consumption to calculate the need of consumables replacement;
• The Cleanfill technology offers a clean and easy replacement of consumables.
The Ax350i Printer’s technical and software features makes it suitable for a wide range of printing surfaces (glass, metal, plastic, etc.) and increased printing speed.

Ax350i eng (1,235 Kb) [Download]

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 PI Manager
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