Ax550i Printer is visually similar with Ax350i, but from technical point of view it is designed with a marine grade stainless steel cabinet (dust and water blasting resistant), more proper for intense corrosive environments. Ax550i is suitable for top industrial demand.
Key benefits:
• Strong designed cabinet for high corrosive surfaces;
• Quality codes optimized for Machine Readable Codes (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems helping to reduce rejects;
• i-Pulse system (based on Continous Ink Jet) offers smart ink usage, droplet accuarcy, faster speed of printing and ink adhesion after post-printing process like powerful water blasting during heavy duty cleaning.
Ax550i Printer is suitable for harsh industrial environment.

Ax550i eng (1,290 Kb) [Download]

For this equipment, ask the Product Marking and Identification department for information:

Catalin Biloiu,
 PI Manager
+40 734 141 623