Machine suitable for the desalination of vegetable products.
Receiving and containment tank in AISI 316 stainless steel with overflow discharge.
Supporting frame.
Elevator belt in plastic material suitable for food contact with devices for product extraction.
Side guides for product containment.
Pull and return pins.
Pull and return toothed wheels.
Floating system with blower equipped with the piping for blowing air into the water. The intensity of the air insufflation can be adjusted by means of suitable valves.
Water distribution manifold.
Water re-circulation pump complete with pipes and valves.
Water discharging valve by means of a pump and manual total discharging valve.
Driving by gear motor.
Electric control board equipped with PLC for the management of the working cycles and the devices for salt concentration control. 
Output capacity: kW 14,35
Length:  8.500 mm with elevator
Width: 1.750 mm
Height: 1.572 mm

Masini de imbuteliat alimente (3,552 Kb) [Download]

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